Authorised Marriage Celebrant – Frequently Asked Questions, everything you Need to Know:

What do we have to do first?

Step one is to give me a call. During that first conversation, you will be able to tell me about your thoughts and plans for your wedding. You may want to write a list before that call as often there is so much you want to ask that you may forget. You can call me at any time.

A few questions that I will have for you are:

Do you have a date yet?

            Have you chosen a place or venue?

Do you have an alternative place or venue for wet weather if original place is outdoors?

            Do you have any idea how many people will be there?

I will also discuss the various legal requirements regarding marriage in Australia to you.

What legal requirements?

There are not too many, and I will explain them all to you. The first one is a form called the Notice of Intended Marriage, commonly referred to as the ‘NOIM’.  The NOIM must be lodged with a qualified celebrant at least one calendar month before your wedding date, and not longer than eighteen months before. I will provide this form.

The form has two sides. For it to be completed you will each need to bring a valid photo ID, a driver’s license or passport will be fine. Australian citizens must bring either their passport or their original birth certificate together with their licence to show date and place of birth.

It is a legal requirement for the celebrant to view this documentation before the marriage, or the marriage is not permitted to take place. If you can bring it with you to our first meeting, it saves having to provide it as it nears close to your wedding day where you will be occupied with many things that you need to do.

If one of you doesn’t have your original birth certificate, you may easily obtain one by contacting Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Non-Australian citizens are also required to show evidence of their date and place of birth, however if their birth certificate is unavailable, a current overseas passport is acceptable.


Other legal requirements?

Yes. As a Marriage Celebrant there are a few words that must be included in every wedding ceremony in order for the marriage to be legal and valid.

These include what is called the “Monitum”, which must be said by the officiating celebrant, as well as the exchange of your legal vows.

Other than these words and phrases that are required to be said to be legally married, I can taylor your ceremony however you would like.


Does marriage grant Australian citizenship?

Marrying an Australian citizen does not in any way immediately grant or even guarantee granting of Australian citizenship to the person seeking citizenship. However, you do not need to be an Australian citizen to be married in Australia.

It is advised that you seek legal advice from a reputable immigration lawyer before marrying an Australian citizen if you are also wishing to apply for residency or citizenship.


Are there any more legal forms involved?