My name is Katrina Thompson I am a Authorised Marriage Celebrant and Justice of the Peace.  I lived in Stanwell Park NSW for 37 years. We now live in Horsley NSW from July 2017. I have lived there since my husband Mark and I got married on the 16th February 1980. Previously we lived in Helensburgh NSW, where we both grew up and went to school.

We have 3 boys, Daniel, Nathan and Adam.

All 3 of our boys have loving partners. Daniel and Bernadette have 2 girls Layla and Aurora, and 1 boy Taj. Nathan and Kylie have 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls. Brodee, Jake, Mya and Jai. Adam, our youngest and his wife Rachel do not have any children. yet,  I am sure in the future that they would love to add to our ever-growing family.

Who am I

I have been described as a warm, mature woman who is welcoming, approachable, with a rare talent for putting people of all ages and backgrounds at ease. The combination of my easy-going nature and sense of humour enables me to organise and ensure that everything about your ceremony and services run smoothly.

I have volunteered in many organisations from Helensburgh Stanwell Park Surf Lifesaving Club, where I have held the positions of both junior and senior treasurer, age manager and assisted in the canteen and behind the bar. Due to my volunteer services, I have provided to the club, I was made an honorary life member of the Surf Club.

I have held the Race Secretary position, timekeeper, and generally volunteer with anything that was needed to keep the club operating at Helensburgh Hawks Amateur Swimming Club.

I have also volunteered at the local Little Athletics and Rugby League Clubs.

I previously worked for the Commonwealth Bank for over 30 years. Positions I have held include Branch Manager and Risk and Control Specialist, where my role involved visiting many branches and complete risk reviews.

Becoming an Authorisedl Marriage Celebrant was a natural step for me.